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Raulino Júnior

Santo Amarense, raised in Berimbau (Conceição do Jacuípe) and based in Salvador, Raulino Júnior composes since teenage and he is a Brazilian's music lover. Teacher, journalist and cultural producer, he flirts with theater and dance too. With the song "Mudanças", he was in 3rd place at the 1st Public Workers Music Festival, promoted by the Bahia State Administration Secretariat (SAEB), in 2013. Five years later (2018), he was one of the semifinalists of the 2nd. Alerta Geral Samba Festival. At that time, he defended the bossa "O Amor". 

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O Som do Olodum - Raulino Junior
Mãe - Raulino Junior
Tropical - Raulino Junior
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